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About Us

Mississippi Prospecting and Detecting Supply started after I made a trip to the Alaska to visit my daughter.  She and her husband worked during the day so I drove around site seeing and came upon people prospecting.  I stop and asked quetions and I began my journey into prospecting.  When I got back to Mississippi I worked to find a place open to prospecting and as everyone does, I started with the equipment I saw other people using and then I found that I wanted something more.  So as I looked to find different equipment, the opportunity came to begin selling prospecting and detecting supplies.  I have been back to Alaska and meet the people running _______ .  I have a link to their site and should you make a reservation from the link I will receive a small commission.  Even if you don't schedule a trip, check out what they have to offer.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or need to asked questions, please feel free to call me at ______ or e-mail me at ______.